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Give a Gift, Change a Life

Help ensure the health and well-being of low-income older Vermonters.

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Help Vermonters Like Jeanne

Before Jeanne Daley moved to Thayer House, an affordable Cathedral Square community in Burlington's New North End, she could barely walk. "I couldn't even make it across the hall without using two canes," she says.

Now, four years later, she's traded in her canes for dancing shoes. She not only walks regularly every day, she recently participated in a ballroom dance class — an improvement she attributes to the activities and support of Cathedral Square and its flagship program called SASH®, Support and Services at Home.

Daley is a prime example of the benefits of SASH and Cathedral Square. "I never thought I'd be able to dance again," she says. "Things I didn't think I'd be doing, I'm doing more and more. I feel like I'm getting younger instead of older — that's how I am since I came here."

Now 93, Daley beams as she describes her new lease on life. "When I first moved here, I thought I'd be lucky to live for six months," she says. "It turned out that all I needed was the right encouragement -- and this place. It's been the perfect thing."